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GLOBEATHON-A Walk to end Women’s cancer

Real life matters Zambia participated in the Globeathon walk to walk women cancer.

Globeathon is unprecedented international call to action to end womens cancer.In Zambia the Globeathon walk took place in Kitwe were we walked from Wusakili Mopani mine hospital up to Nkana stadium were the successful event took place and participated in relays and other sport. and also were various women screened for cervical-breast cancer.It was awesome.The event began by planting of a tree meaning what we have started as Zambians shall never end.The fight to fight women cancers shall continue.

More than 100 Members of Real Life Matters Zambia successfully participated in the globeathlon walk which also took part in the relay at the Nkana Stadium .We remain committed to advocate for women cancers and participate in various programs IN sensitizing this cause.
The event was a great success and we are deeply confident that it achieved its aim in alerting the women of the disease.
The participation of REAL LIFE was made possible through community support and various organizations that availed their sponsorship for the cause. Therefore, Real Life Management team would like to acknowledge the following sponsors and supporters that enabled our participation in the event on the 29th September 2013;

-Mopani Copper Mines,
-Grow more Equipment Group of companies,
-Grizzly Mining,
-Blu Rock Mining
-Spectra and
-EC mining
Please let it be known that the support and generosity has not gone unnoticed. Without your involvement, many women would not have participated in this noble cause that was aimed at eradicating a disease that has claimed and is still claiming the lives of many mothers and other women in our society.
Your generous contribution ignited an unending fire in our organization to participate in fighting the disease.
We are especially thankful for the contribution in helping us with the cost of acquiring the awareness T-shirts that were used during the event.
You are truly appreciated

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